Monday, March 2, 2020



Transformation can be a scary thing especially when the change is unexpected.  One thing that I have come to find out is that transformation is uncomfortable.  When you ask for change you need to prepare yourself to be completely out of your element, especially if you are asking God to align you with your purpose.  I remember a time when I wanted to do counseling with children because "they said" that's where the money is.... and it is because someone is always recommending or bringing their children to counseling.  Truth is, we can work with the children until we are blue in the face but we are sending them back to the same environment that most often is the reason they are coming in for counseling in the first place.  By the end of 2017, I decided that I didn't want to work directly with the children any more even though I was making decent money I didn't feel as though I was fulfilling my purpose.  Even with my purpose still evolving I knew that I was helpful with the children but that wasn't where my impact was need.  I wanted to work with the mothers of these children, especially the broken mothers.

I never would have thought that my niche would be African American teenagers and women, yet here I sit focused on helping my sisters to heal from years of pain and trauma within this brutal world we live in.  Another niche I have picked up along the way is spirituality.  I definitely did not see myself blending mental health and spirituality together.  I recall in my social work classes we were told to never discuss religion and politics and I stood by that for a lot of years. Now, I try to figure out what exactly was I saying before adding faith, favor, prayer, and spirituality in the dialogue.  However, when God gives you directions to do something, you just do it, even if afraid.  When you ask God to expand your territory and reach, know what you are asking for because it is some very uncomfortable work.  I had no idea what I asked for when making this request.  I knew that it would be a little uncomfortable because I would be doing something new and out of my element but when you move from writing books about a topic to doing presentations, workshops, and conferences on a topic- that is another whole realm of expanding your reach.  I was used to doing the background work and hiding behind my writings but when he put me before crowds, I knew this was nothing but God.  HE provided the words to be able to flow from my mouth to educate HIS people, and for that reason alone I am honored.

I am ready for the challenges that God presents to me because I have been sitting in my comfort zone long enough. 2020 began with challenges, healthy challenges, uncomfortable challenges; some that made me redesign my goals for the year.  All my goals this year is and will be purpose-filled, if there is no purpose there will be no focus.  I'm doing "OK" thus far with meeting the challenges presented to me this year and I look forward to those which are still due to come.  In my opinion, as long as I am presented with challenges, I am experiencing growth and as long as I continue to grow, that means I am still yet alive.  
                                                                                                                                                   Doc Dee

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