Friday, April 22, 2016

Borrowed Time

There are instances where God puts people in our lives on borrowed time.  Within the time frame we are given with these people, we are there to make an impact whether it is a positive impact or a negative impact.  We must remember we are here to serve a purpose, a God-given purpose, and that we will NOT be able to save everyone who comes across our paths.  When we are unable to help these individuals, we can’t view this as a failure but simply view it as a person that you were not intended to “save.”  That person will be affected by you and may even reflect on words of wisdom which you have given them.  They will remember the lessons they learned from you, directly and indirectly.  For ever one that you don’t save there is another standing by, watching and listening to the words you speak.  These individuals may never utter a word to you but best believe that you have affected them.  

There are days when I sit and wonder where I failed as a parent with my own daughter.  Then there are other days that I know that I didn’t fail but she just simply decided to design her own path.  We must remember that we were once young and regardless of the words of wisdom which our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, teachers, etc… told us and instilled in us- we still designed our own path.  There are days when I wonder what happened with some of the individuals I counseled with, in the past and every now and then I get a phone call, text message, or an inbox that says “Thank You.”  I provide real life situations and tough love but I’m always just a phone call away for those who need help.  

For all of us in the helping field, this is our passion, whether we want it to be or not.  The other day I listened as my sister/friend provided her probationers with tough love.  She told them that they were coming in with that payment but she also sat down and gave them real life scenarios which ensured that this was not the worst thing in their lives and that they could bounce back from it.  We do what we do because we care, not for show.  We are transparent with the people we serve because that is who we are.  We work with the less fortunate because we have been there.  Regardless of how much money we make and will make in the future, our roles are “service to mankind.”  Doc Dee

Monday, April 18, 2016

Dear Little Girl Next Door

As you grow up, you mind may be filled with irrational thoughts and may tell you the grass is greener everywhere except your own yard.  Whatever your observations of your neighbors' yards are, you should continue to cherish, water, and nurture your own lawn.  When you water your own lawn, you know that this grass is green because you watered it, fertilized, it, and nurtured it.  When we are on the outside looking in, looking at another person's life can appear to be so much better than it actually is. What we may not know is whether the neighbor nurture his/her own grass, whether they have sod, or whether they use a landscaper.....  Using a landscaper and taking the credit for someone else's work.  Appreciate what you have even if it's not the best or if it's not what you want.  Work with what you have been given until you can afford to buy your heart's desires.  You must put in work along the way.

As you grow, you will be fed with truths from your home and untruths by your neighbors.  They can tell you anything because you're on the outside looking in.  Your home will deal with truth and prepare you for your future.  Your home will tell you that life will not be easy and it will consist of ups and downs.  You will be told that the world and the people in it owes you nothing and that both are capable of chewing you up and spitting you out in the blink of an eye moving forward as though nothing happened.  However, when you reach adulthood you will disregard the truths that you will be told and exposed to throughout your entire existence only to have the greener grass that the neighbor's have.

When you grow up, you will move away from the home you've known all your life to only ultimately move into the neighbor's home.  Upon moving in, the grass is green and the sun is shining.  Within the blink of an eye, the sun goes down and the storm began to come.  The storm is turning the green grass brown and the sky is cloudy and gray.  Cloudy days continue.  You peep next door to your neighbor's yard and their grass is green.  You peep in the yard you were raised in and that grass is green but it's still storming at your present yard.  You are convinced that this storm will eventually pass on tomorrow, the sun will shine, and the grass will be green again.  The storm continues....

Your questions to yourself begins to become:  When will the sun shine again?  How do I get the green grass to grow again?  Do I continue to stay in this storm when I can go back to my home with green grass?  Do I work hard and struggle to make this observation of green grass work?  Do I build my own home, plant gress seeds, and grow my own green grass?

Everything is not always as it appears; The grass is not always greener on the other side; Trials come to make us stronger;  Common sense is useful:  Pride can take us out; and sometimes our parents really know what they're talking about!  Doc Dee

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Random Thoughts

There are so many who have been fed irrational and unhealthy thoughts as children, teenagers, and young adults. When talking to these individuals you can hear their hurt, pain, and sometimes despair. You never know what a person has experienced unless they are transparent enough to share their truth. Just because a person is quiet does not mean that she is arrogant or stuck up- she may just be going through some things. Just because a woman stay up in a man's face doesn't mean that she sleeps with every man she comes in contact with- she may have similar interests as a man (sports, racing, etc). Always be kind with whom ever path you may cross because you may be that very person that keeps them from ending it all. We must stop being judgmental about everything we hear and see. Reality is the only perception. So regardless of what we believe someone's reality is, it is one an assumption until that individual confirms it as truth. All that to say, what may be "normal" for you may not be "normal" for someone else based upon the people they were raised around and the environment they grew up in. 

Regardless of a person's past or present, my goal is to be kind.  I treat others as I want them to treat me.  Yes, some of their stories shock the crap out of me and I may very well be unprepared for what I hear but never at any time when they are disclosing am I judgmental.  Even if I do not agree with their lifestyle, I am not judgmental.  Sometimes we just have to be quiet and listen.  The truth is much deeper than what is being presented.  There are some who think that alcoholics and drug addicts are addicts because they want to be.  Addiction is a disease!  Most addicts use drugs as a coping mechanism for what they have endured in their past- a mask for their pain.  Others have tried drugs out of sheer curiosity and then become addicted, and others may have a genetic predisposition and the smell or taste of it spirals them out of control.  Know their story before judging them.  Speaking from the daughter of a recovering addict.