Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In a good space

Well it has been over a month since I last posted/ blogged or whatever.  I have been dealing with myself (productively).  I was recently laid off (again) due to there not being any money in the budget to pay me.  I panicked privately while trying to figure out which move to make next.  Well I decided to sit still and wait for some direction.  I feel that everything that I go through is a test.  I don't know if I am passing but I do know that slow n steady wins the race.  I feel that everything happens a reason so I don't question why it happen.  I just ask and pray for strength to make it through the ordeal.  I am still unemployed but I am optimistic that something will come along soon. 

My children did well in school, Cameron got promoted to the first grade and Yasmine got promoted to the ninth.  CJ will be entering Pre-K in August so the upcoming school year should be interesting.  My husband is back working so his stress load has decreased and blood pressure has as well.  I am working on Chapter 1 of my dissertation- revising again but my motto is "Slow N Steady" wins the race.  I am definitely in a good space.  I haven't been exercising as I should but I am still in a good space.