Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Chapter 43

Today begins my 43rd chapter!!  As I woke up this morning I recognized that life is an amusement park- full of rides!  The rides we chose to be a part of can be full of twists and turns and highs and lows.  Regardless, of what it entails, most of the time we enjoy the ride.   There are some which spin us out of control, hang us upside down, then we we get off only to ask- What was I thinking?  As we journey through the park, we have the sweet, salty, bitter, and that which is filling- for the moment anyway.  We attempt to stay away from the haunted house because we don't want to face our past and the fear of not going through is what truly haunts us but we put our "big girl panties" on inhale, exhale, and tackle the fears as we walk through.  We come out the other side unharmed yet stronger and bolder for having the courage to tackle our fears.  Regardless of the journey you take at the amusement park, you come out happy and fulfilled if you have served your purpose while there.  Take the blinders off, take your hands from over your eyes, enjoy life, and enjoy the ride.  Embracing Chapter 43!!!  "Doc"

PS.  The journey is much sweeter if you have someone to share the ride with!!