Tuesday, April 19, 2011

When It Rains

Well each day brings a new adventure, some pleasant some not so pleasant.  I see that it has been a few weeks since I wrote a blog.  It hasn't been because everything has been good or bad.  It has just been.....  I took a part-time gig writing articles for an online newspaper thinking that I was making at least a dollar an article.  Only to find out that I am actually making a half a cent each time someone views the articles.  I may have cleared a dollar over the past month.  I don't know if I am disappointed or not.  I was just pleased to find out that people were actually reading my articles.  I haven't been writing the four articles a week over the past two weeks but I have been writing at least two each week just for the sake of writing.

Being a parent of a teenager is difficult.  Sad part my daughter is just entering her teeenage years.  Will we get through these years without killing each other?  I think so but it is going to be a difficult journey because she is actually younger than everyone in her grade which makes her a little less mature in some areas that they deal with on a regular basis.  She has book sense and is lacking a little in the common/ street sense area.  We recently found out that she had a boyfriend.  Yes, we were shocked.  Shocked because all of her friends (with the exception of 1) had dated this little boy.  My daughter has seen him kissing all over girls, he is a juvenile delinquent, no stable parents, etc.....  All of the wrong choices for boyfriend material.  I guess you like who you like......

Well my husband is still laid off, no success in finding a job (thus far).  We are barely skating by.  Bills get paid but that's it.  There is no extra.  Found out today that I may no longer have a job because we have lost a few clients and he can't afford to pay me.  I understand but what are we going to do financially.  God always makes a way!!!!

I did find out that I can take the course I need to take in order to get my CAC and the HOPE grant will cover the expenses.  I just have to get the application filled out, HOPE application completed, transcripts and immunization records sent to the college by May 1st.  I am procrastinating but I intend to get it completed by the time line.

My mentor finally sent back my worksheet and I may be able to begin writing my chapters.  Well we will see what happens next.  Take each day as it comes.  In the words of Jesse Jackson, Keep hope alive!!!!!!!