Sunday, September 10, 2017

Inner Beauty

Inner Beauty

Last month as I decided to expand and improve my Women’s Empowerment group on FB the “Topics of the Month” idea came to me.  While deciding on which topic would be first I was challenged to look beyond the fleshy faults to see the beauty of others when they were being “ugly.”  The main point which continually comes to mind, “Perception is the only Reality.”  I immediately became hurt, disappointed, and upset by how I was being portrayed and received by a few individuals who did not know me personally nor had taken out the time to get to know me personally or maybe this was just my perception of the events.  In addition, some of the individuals that I thought knew me really did not know me at all.  What was I going to do with the information and these feelings associated with the information?  Was I going to sulk, pout, curse, attempt to prove the naysayers wrong, or continue being who I have always been- my authentic self (sometimes good, bad, or indifferent)?  I had to sit still, process the information and my feelings, and move on it in a way that would be fitting to my authentic self and not my fleshly self.  That flesh can be the devil sometimes!!  I had to move forward knowing that my internal beauty was at stake and that I have individual watching what I say and/or (good and bad).  Would I allow my personality, attitude, and inner beliefs to be dictated by others and/or fueled by anger and hurt?  I did when I was younger!  Back then when you came for me, I was definitely coming back for you, full throttle.  However, since I am older and have grown mentally and spiritually, I learn to choose my battles wisely.  Every fight doesn’t need to be fought and every fight (while you may be pulled in) is not about you. 

It goes back again to the inner beauty- intelligence, grace, politeness, charisma, integrity, congruence, and elegance.  Do I jeopardize destroying my inner beauty because another has hurt, disappointed, or angered me?  Do I love myself enough to know that my inner beauty carries me much farther than my outer beauty ever could/can?  You can be the most beautiful/ handsome person in the world but if your personality is “ugly,” then the ugliness surpasses the outer beauty ever time.  I find beauty in COURAGE to do things that others may be unwilling to try or do.  I am PERSISTENT in what I say I will do or achieve.  I am GRATEFUL that God continues to bless me each day with the gift of life so that I may be a blessing to at least one person each day.  I am finding CALMNESS in my trials and tribulations because the battle is not mine, it’s the Lord’s.  I am still learning the GENTLENESS characteristic of inner beauty because I am still “A Work In Progress,” and I treat everyone I meet with UNSELFISH LOVE as this is what God requires of me.  I can love you and not like your spirit or decision-making.  Hence, those are your decisions to make and not mine.

The last of the inner beauty characteristics which prompted me to blog are: The woman with inner beauty loves and respects herself; is confident and not cocky; has a gorgeous heart; is supportive and inspirational; considerate and kind; genuine and real; loyal to her friends; and her significant other/husband; honest and true; visionary and intelligent; and passionate and strong.  All of these characteristics stood out to me and for me as this is what I strive to be daily.  I may miss the mark some days but these are the characteristics that I desire to possess.  What does your inner beauty say about you?  Are you consistently beautiful?  Doc Dee

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